Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New Year

New Year and so far so good, January has been good but not great. Managed not to blank but not got much to show for the effort.
1st trip of the year was to Dubmill Point, where I caught a Flounder and a Whiting on mackerel, on a self-made 2 hook flapper. I was pleased to get catch the Flounder as I didn't catch 1 last year and a lovely way to start the New Year.

2nd trip was to Silloth, to which was a hot days fishing in a cold day had 13 Dabs in 4 hrs. On a 2 hook flapper, using fresh Lugworm as bait, with the 8 fish being caught on the same 2 Lugworm lol. The 1 thing I learned was I need to improve my casting or change from an overhead thump to an easy cast.I fished with a new fishing buddy and he had 23 dabs.

3rd trip was to my home turf of Flimby where I fished with 4 others and we had fun. Had my 4th species of the year with a 3 bearded rockling, closely followed by a whiting. In all 4 fish was caught inc a nice flounder.

4th and 5th trips where pretty much the same in regards to what I caught dabs and rockling. Did catch a 28 cm dab from Maryport, which was lovely.

So far I've fished Dubmill Point, Flimby, Maryport, Silloth and Workington.
And caught Dab, Flounder, Whiting and 3 Bearded Rockling.

Not bad for a really cold month.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sometimes you have to give in

During the hot spell I went to Whitehaven Pier with some freshly dug Lugworm for what ever was on the bottom a nice Plaice or Bass well after 2 casts nothing yet the mackerel where in and I had to bite the bullet and chuck the feathers out and I'm glad I did in all had 20 mackerel in the end with the small ones going back without being touched I kept the rest for tea and bait. I'm on the lookout for a cheap bait freezer.

What a day

This is from 2 weeks ago.  Having just sold my old phone, I bought 2 Shakespeare Salt FDX reels And looked forward to fishing Maryport Pier the next day. Typical after some lovely weather when I decide  to go it changes for the worse. Got up at 4:30am as high tide was around 9:30am, turned up at the pier and forgot my bait great start went home and picked it up. I managed to get going and decided to try out one of my new reels well I only put my rod tip and bag down for 1 second and bang a gust of wind had sent my rod bag and tip into the Solway, thankfully the tide was on the way in so it didn't drift away from the pier, I managed to hook up the bag and retrieve my rod. Then through my own fault I overfilled the reels and it took me 30mins to sought out the line including losing a rig and shockleader. And almost losing my keys. 
 But the fishing was not to bad all small fish but at least I had fun.  

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

2012 walks and fishes

With the weather being unsettled and by reports not missing much. I've started walking again and found some nice routes around here and have worked out I walk about 3-4 mph depending on terrain I'm what you call a floater walker as I don't pre plan much of my walks, just start then see where the walk takes me. Did have a little go earlier on this year and had a small whiting. Then this weekend it's all back on track well sought off on Saturday I bought to new beach-caster rods for well a steal really both brand new hardly been touched. Then on Sunday had a fishing comp more a social thing really. The weather was perfect for most apart from the Fishing it was flat calm. I blanked but enjoyed meeting new people, who I met on a Facebook fishing group. Roll on the weekend I have a Fly fishing lesson on Saturday then am off sea fishing Sunday.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

So the wind did stop

This might be my last rip of the year as my top tip came off so need a new one (also an excuse to buy a new rod) plus my work hours have been posted and finished with a small dab on a large squid bait. I did start on a pulley pennal but the squid was too small so went on a single hook . I did have some company 2 other anglers and their mate who was very drunk.

Monday, 21 November 2011

My home Venue

Had my 2nd go at my home venue and blanked . I try and take positives but couldn't. the wind was a southerly which didn't help, not a big fan of frozen lugworm unless it's a cocktail (used with another bait eg squid or mackerel) or I'm after dabs or flounders during calmer conditions. At least I wasn't the only one to blank as a guy up from me blanked as well as I found out later on a forum we are members off.
 The tides are on the wrong cycle will have to wait till next week to try again and hope the wind is a westerly?????

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Past few weeks

Been busy the past few weeks with work, did get out for a few hours and had a few doggies. Been upgrading my sea fishing gear getting new hooks, swivels and beads so I can make my own rigs up, plus being more organised and tidy. Just had my birthday and bought some fly fishing gear so the trout and salmon should be worried lol, this is a new world opening up to me and I'm looking forward to it. with all the game waters up here it will be fun.